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Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski is the President and Founder of GLO Ventures. As a serial entrepreneur from the age of 18, Gabriel has honed a keen understanding of business development, organizational management, and startup culture. He now leverages these skills to help others build and scale successful ventures.

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Looking to Scale Your Sales? Seven Bullets to Dodge

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski’s sales team at Calfinder had just hit $8 million in revenue. They were feeling good about their process — like they had finally hit their stride — and the numbers were looking good. “There was just this shared feeling of, ‘Hey, let’s hit the ‘Go’ button on this thing,” he says. And they did — they scaled the team from 6 to 24 reps in thee months on a bootstrapped budget.


Upshift Launches To Bring Scalable Sales Engines To Startups, And Help Engineer Growth

If today isn’t your first day in the tech industry (or reading TechCrunch), then you’re likely familiar with the rise of the accelerator program, a phenomenon that has swept through Startup Land like wildfire over the last five years.


Searching for an accelerator? Upshift will help startups scale their sales

He grew up on a commune with no internet or TV. He dropped out of college, using credit cards and home equity lines to bootstrap his first business. And without a penny of outside funding, Gabe Luna-Ostaseski scaled Calfinder to more than $20 million.